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The Benefits of Using SQL Accounting Software


SQL Accounting Software

SQL Accounting Software

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The Benefits of Using SQL Financial Software


In businesses, financial records have to be entered, and this is best done by financial accounting softwareThere are features that make up good accounting software with the SQL financial accounting software being a good example. It consists of a flexible user access control meaning not everyone can access it, command navigator, document drill down, offers security and round the clock data backup among many other features.




Why use SQL Financial Accounting Software


It is not all about money records when it comes to one of the most sought after Malaysia accounting software. There is more than this as it helps in managing cash flow, keeping in touch with customers, keeping record of the supply chain, taking control of the inventories and is cost effective.



The Sale and Purchase Module

The sale and the purchase module of this accounting software works pretty much the same. When you need invoice software, this is what you should get. The sales price history and the stock balance can be seen in the two modules when a sales or purchase document is being created. There is an assistant screen that shows these. The two allow partial delivery.  While the purchase module offers outstanding purchase document; yearly purchase analysis, purchase analysis by document, supplier price history and purchase document listing reports, the sales module, on the other hand, gives outstanding sales document listing; profit and loss by document, yearly sales analysis, sales document listing, sales analysis by document, customer price history and sales picking list.



 GL Module

Bookkeeping software plays a great role in tracking the performance of a company by department or project. The general ledger module in this software helps with this. Trial balance, transaction summary listing, loss and profit statements and journal of transaction listing are some of the reports in the GL module.



The Customers’ Module

As a business owner, you can set the overdue and credit limit of each customer with the financial accounting software. Reports related to customers include; customer balance, statement, post dated cheque listing, analysis by document and aging report among others.



The Stock Module

The stock module is a posting engine that is real time. It helps in controlling of a business inventory giving various reports such as stock physical worksheet, reorder advice and month end balance among others.



Supplier Module

Bookkeeping software is important and to keep the supply chain of a business in check, software is needed. Supplier document listing, balance report and statement reports are available on the supplier module.


The features that come with this financial accounting software are very vital to any business. Known as modules, the software has six of them that include; customer, stock, purchase, GL, supplier, and sales. They are all used to keep different reports important to the operations of any business. 




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