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Dell Touch Screen POS Monitor
Dell Touch Screen POS Monitor
Dell Touch Screen POS Monitor

RedZone offers a wide range of capacitive touch screen monitor to the public.  

Complete Guide in Buying Touch Screen Monitor

Before you decide to plunge in and buy your touch-screen monitor, you should have at least a base knowledge on how it functions.  The touch screen technology is basically a visual display that allows the user to control its features using multi-touch actions.  This enables the user to interact directly on the monitor or display instead of using an intermediary device such as mouse, keyboard or button.  This particular feature of the device makes it a potent and powerful device for an effective and convenient system in a wide range of industry.

Factors to Consider When Choosing All in One Touchscreen

Malaysia buyers should realise that there are lots of things that they need to consider first when buying all in one PCMalaysia consumers will be able to understand how these factors can affect their purchasing process through this guide.


The first thing that one needs to consider when they want to purchase this equipment is the place where they are planning to install the capacitive touch screenMalaysia has been using the touch screen monitor in various industries such as automobiles, house security, personal use and others.    In a vehicle, the monitor is commonly installed at the headrest or in-dash.  You should also consider your goal in using this.  If you are planning to buy a touch screen to help you navigate or for general purpose, the monitor should be placed in front of the user.

Touch Screen Moitor LCD and LED Display

You have the option to choose between the LED and LCD option when looking for a Touch screen monitorMalaysia buyers need to have a quick understanding about these two terms before buying hastily.    LED is basically using a Light-emitting Diode in creating video display.  LCD on the other hand utilises the light-modulating characteristic of the liquid crystal.  Generally, LED is preferred by most consumers than the LCD due to their precision and clarity. 

Touch Screen Moitor HD Display

Just like the other flat screen tech available in the market today, the touch screen technology is also available in an HD display.  This kind of display provides a higher definition of image that you can get with the standard resolution of the all in one touchscreenMalaysia buyers who want to have a realistic image should highly consider this feature.

Finally, you should also consider your desired features when looking for capacitive touch screenMalaysia offers a huge range of additional features such as Bluetooth capacity, the ability to watch TV program, music option and navigation feature.  Choosing the right type of touch screen monitor that will help you achieve your goal will help you guarantee that you are getting the best value for your money.

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