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Citizen are specialised on barcode printing solution, barcode printers, supplies barcode printer accessories, receipt printer. They provide Auto-ID solution would-wide & Malaysia.

Different Types of Reliable Label Machines

Label printing can be demanding, and that is why a good printer is needed. Barcode label printing from a third party can be expensive, but businesses no longer have to worry about this with a Malaysia barcode label printer. The printers design and create the labels with ease. This offers more flexibility to business.

The Features of TSC TA200 Desktop Barcode Printer or Label Maker

There is need to find an economical way of doing business that also maintains quality. When it is about label printing, it can be expensive due to designing, creating and delivery of the labels from a third party. The TA200 is an affordable desktop label machine that is durable and cost-effective during operation. It has a label capacity of 5 inches, and its flexibility allows a user to add an external one that handles 8.4 inch OD rolls. Whatever kind of labels you want to print, you can do so with the TA200. It prints compliance, shipping and general purpose labels among others. It can be used in small offices, retail marking when creating tags, healthcare facilities such as pharmacies, parcel posts, warehousing and manufacturing.

The TSC TTP 224 Pro Barcode Printer

For cost-effective thermal transfer barcode label printing, the TSCTM TTP-244 has become one of the most sought after. The printer comes with labelling software that is free bundled, USB and serial interfaces. It has a fast print speed of 4 “per second while the print area is 40 inches in length and 4.09 inches in width. Its media capacity is industrial standard, and it has a dual-motor design just like the TTP-243. This is a great solution for the tag and label printing applications at an affordable price.  While its ribbon supply is 300 m, the flash and DRAM memory are 2 MB each.

The Features of ARGOX CP 2140 Barcode Printer

When a company has huge printing demands but still wants to save on space, they prefer portable printers that can be moved and be placed on desks. The CP-2140 label machine is one of these desktops that save on space. It’s easy to operate as loading media and ribbon is easy, it’s easy to maintain due to its modular design and the noise during operation is minimised. The ribbon capacity is 300m which makes it a great option for huge printing demands, a print speed of 4ips and 4 auto calibration modes are other features. 8 MB SDRAM and 4 MB flash are the standard memories of this Malaysia barcode label printer.

The versatility of a label maker is amazing.  Whatever the size of your business or company is, labels can help you track shipping, inventory and enhance customer experience. This also improves efficiency in making the labels.

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