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3 New Feature of AutoCount Accounting Software | POS System

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AutoCount on the Go Software

AutoCount on the Go, simply put, is AutoCount Accounting’s online version. It is as simple as that. The primary purpose for designing AutoCount on the Go is to give users an option to get access to their AutoCount Accounting database at any given time or place just by using a web browser on a device with internet connectivity.

This software is primarily designed for SMEs so as to offer them a thoroughly integrated and amalgamated online business software system. The following features and benefits make AutoCount aotg a handy application for businesses:

Easy access to information

With AutoCount On The Go, you have complete, total access to your business’ accounting information and database literally at your fingertips! Your location and the time of the day make no difference to your likelihood of getting access.

Data security & ownership

You might step out of your premises for a moment but your data won’t. Ever! Even when you access your data from a different location, your data still stays at your premise. Your data is your property and you maintain complete control and ownership of it. It is stored securely in your server. Data is only stored temporarily in the AutoCount cloud.

Least interference with existing structure

Accessing your data from a place outside your premise doesn’t compromise on your employees’ or colleagues’ ability to use the data. Your business’ internal operation is not affected in any which way by AutoCount on the Go.

Easy setup and operation

The AutoCount on the Go software is easy to use and doesn’t require any extravagant system specifications, modifications or updates.

Supports all devices

AutoCount aotg works on all devices (mobile, laptop, tablet, personal computer etc) and on all operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android etc).

AutoCount on the Go is the ideal solution for businesses seeking a 24x7 access to their accounting and business data.

AutoCount SiteGiant integrator

The AutoCount SiteGiant integrator is a medium that establishes a connection between the SiteGiant ecommerce store and the AutoCount accounting system. It allows you to seamlessly synchronize online sales with the AutoCount accounting software. It thus aims to solve the tax filing issues of Malaysian businesses who are struggling to come to terms with the newly imposed GST requirements and guidelines by enabling them to link their online sales with the AutoCount accounting system.

How the Sync works?

Products can be synced in 2 ways; either from SiteGiant to AutoCount (where you can sync products that were created/updated with SiteGiant to AutoCount) or vice versa (create a product under AutoCount; sync it to SiteGiant and sell on your online store, SiteGiant ecommerce or other online marketplaces).The sales from SiteGiant ecommerce and other online markets are then synced back to AutoCount.

Benefits & Features

Workload reduction:

The AutoCount integrator enters the online sales transactions into the AutoCount accounting software. This saves valuable time and reduces workload.


Cost saving tool:

You’d no longer need personnel for manually entering sales order details into AutoCount accounting. This saves money and increases your budget for other vital business activities like marketing, R&D etc.

Resolves taxation management issues:

AutoCount integrator helps you to maintain compliance with the Malaysian tax laws. Income Tax and GST filing becomes error-free, accurate and on time.

Stock keeping:

Your inventory data in AutoCount accounting gets automatically updated when you sync your online sales into it. You can effectively maintain stock control and balance the Inventory assignment between the offline retail outlet and the online store.

Bear in mind that AutoCount Integrator is not a sales tool by any stretch of imagination; even though existing AutoCount users can expect increased revenue as it enables them to sell products on multiple online marketplaces by syncing them to SiteGiant.

AutoCount integrator does certainly have a positive impact on your business performance in general.


AutoCount Software Download Detail

The AutoCount software download should most preferably be done from the proprietary website owned by AutoCount Sdn Bhd. The AutoCount latest version is available here much before you’d find it anywhere else (obviously).

A free version is made available here for AutoCount download. Also, the version is completely functional and performs all the tasks and functions that the paid AutoCount latest version would do and includes all products that come with the paid version. Users can avail of this free AutoCount software download option to evaluate and judge its functionality and its application and utility to their business.

But, this free download comes with a catch. You can only perform 500 transactions with this version. You need to make all necessary judgments about it within the 500 transaction limit and ascertain if the software suffices your needs and requirements for streamlining your business. The transaction count adds by 1 upon creation of a new document but does not decrease with the deletion of an old one. A document may pertain to transactions such as Journal, ledger or cash book entries; Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable records, Purchase & Sales records etc.

If the software’s performance pleases you and you wish to use it permanently then you need to purchase the license for it from AutoCount Sdn Bhd.

Before you make the purchase, it is essential if your computing device meets the system requirements specified for this software. You can find the system requirements here

After you complete the AutoCount software download, execute the program and then simply follow whatever instructions show up on your computer screen. The AutoCount software performs self-installation. If the computing device doesn’t have the specified system requirements then the installation process may take a long time to finish.

This is just about all that you need to know about AutoCount download.


AutoCount Accounting Software Support Detail

AutoCount Accounting Sdn Bhd, the company that designed the hugely popular AutoCount Accounting software and is also the primary AutoCount supplier, provides technical assistance and AutoCount Accounting support related to the software on its website through a few FAQs. You can find answers to all or at least most of your queries through the AutoCount Support section. Here are some of the most important ones.

What is a document?

In AutoCount Accounting terminology, a document refers to a transaction that is used for recording and registering data that occurred on a given date.

How to set your Accounting period?

Go to Tools and choose ‘Manage Fiscal Year’. Select your fiscal year and then hit ‘Manage Period Lock’ to set and lock an accounting period.

How can you record depreciation entries in AutoCount Accounting?

Go to the General Ledger; select the Journal entry for depreciation.

How can you print your business’ zero balance financial reports?

Go to the General Ledger; select the financial report that you want. Click on the ‘Show Zero Balance’ that appears to your right just before you take a preview.

What is the main reason for an unbalanced financial report?

The main reason why debit and credit balances don’t tally is due to an imbalance in the Opening Balance. Check and verify if the opening balances tally with the previous accounting period’s closing balance.

How can you set Debtor Credit Control?

Go to the Accounts Receivable document and choose ‘Debtor Maintenance’. A dialogue box would pop up after you tick on the ‘Credit Control’ option. Feed in and set Credit limit, terms of credit, credit period, and prospective measures in case of a credit limit breach etc in this dialogue box.

For any sort of AutoCount Accounting Support requirement, visit this page and check if your queries are answered through the FAQs; or contact Red Zone Solution here.


AutoCount Training

AutoCount Sdn Bhd provides its users with AutoCount accounting tutorial to enable them to use the software better and more effectively. AutoCount tutorial is provided through 2 major courses: AutoCount fundamental training & AutoCount GST hand on training.

Both these tutorials act as AutoCount guide book that make a massive difference to how you use the software. Taking at least any one of the AutoCount Accounting tutorial has a huge positive impact on your ability to extract the best out of the AutoCount accounting software for your business.

AutoCount Fundamental Training

The following topics are covered under this basic AutoCount Accounting tutorial:

  • AutoCount software installation
  • How to set up new company in the software
  • GST application and setting
  • How to manage the fiscal year settings
  • User maintenance
  • Maintenance of chart of Account
  • Maintaining debtor, creditor, stock etc
  • Multi-currency setting
  • Past entries
  • Stock Control
  • Invoicing
  • Ledger report, Financial report and other reports
  • Conversion of reports into PDF or Excel format
  • Backup& Restore


AutoCount GST Hand on Training

The following key topics are covered in this AutoCount tutorial:

  • Tax rates
  • How to map and understand the Tax code
  • Configuring Malaysia GST wizard for tax code management
  • GST processor & GST Audit file
  • GST return form & summary
  • Bad debt recovery
  • GST regulations for advanced payment transactions
  • The 21 days rule concerning GST application to outstanding D/O
  • Imported goods & services
  • GST applications for ‘gifts’
  • Online GST payment via CIMB
  • Latest and updated GST features

Both the courses are free for customers who have made a new purchase. The fee ranges from RM 250 to RM 350 otherwise. You’d be advised to take up at least one AutoCount tutorial of the two.




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