What Accounting Software is used in Malaysia ? Top 3 Accounting Software List, Free Download
What Accounting Software is used in Malaysia ?

Cloud Accounting Software


SQL Accounting Software - Malaysia Best Accounting Software

The most revolutionary accounting software Malaysia has seen in recent times is the SQL accounting software. It is known for its incredible flexibility and quick processing time. The software is e-Invoice, SST certified and is one of the fastest growing and most widely used cloud accounting software for Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia.

The software has many useful modules for report generation that enable business analytics and improve financial decision making.

The software and the tools it deploys serve as a complete accounting and reporting package that services small and medium organizations from granular level transactions to final reporting and aggregation at the highest level of the organization. There is also a free trial period and a help centre that can answer your queries regarding the software, but here are some of the salient features of SQL accounting software.



Cloud Accounting SQL Connect


Cloud Accounting Special Industries version

Special Industries Version
Accountant Set, Shipping and forwarding, 
Property Management, Construction,
Distributor, Motor Vehicle system, Photocopier meter


Cloud Accounting CTOS

Real time CTOS company overview reports
Provide SQL Account users a financial standing overview of their customers and suppliers. 
Helps users make better business risk assessment.


Cloud Accounting Intelligence reporting

Intelligence Reporting
Comprehensive reporting such as commision 
collection reports, tracking your top 3 profitable 
customers, annual comparison of pr ofit & loss.


Cloud Accounting Advance security locks

Advance Security Locks
Allowed users access into the documents with 
restricted by advance level locks, such as 
hide salaries in cash book


Cloud Accounting Access Anytime

Access Anytime, Anywhere
Access your account & manage your 
business anytime anywhere


Cloud Accounting Batch emails statements

Batch Emails Statements
Email statement to all your customer individually 
with password encryptions in one simple click.





Accounting Software Pricing & Plan

Accounting Software Price





SQL Accounting Software Favoured Features 

SQL accounting software is suitable for all businesses, from small businesses to large organizations. It is crucial to find a busiess solution that suits you. We cater for every industry. Small business, cloud accounting software, to on-premise accounting software, choose the best fit for your business. SQL Account is user friendly & can be integrated with no fuss. 


SQL Account

Access your account & manage your 

business anytime, anywhere.





SQL Account

Email statement to all your customer 

individually with password encryptions in 

one simple click.




SQL Account

Accountant set, shipping and forwarding, 

property management, construction, 

distributor, motor vehicle system, 

photocopier meter.



SQL Account

Provide SQL Account users a financial

standing overview of their customers and 

suppliers. Helping users make better 

business risk assessment.

SQL Account

Allowed users access into the documents

with restricted by advance level locks, such

as hide salaries in cash book.


SQL Account

Comprehensive reporting such as

commission collection reports, tracks your

top 3 profitable customers, annual 

comparison of profit & loss.





SQL Account, Payroll, Cloud Accounting & Apps


SQL Account Software    SQL Payroll Software     SQL Pos software     SQL Payroll E Leave     SQL Cloud Accounting Software     SQL Account Stock Take Apps




SQL Account - Accounting Software Module


SQL Account General Ledger

General Ledger >

It’s easy to manage and track

your company’s accounting records



SQL Account Customer

Customer >

Keep Your Customer in Touch




SQL Account Supplier

Supplier >

Manage and keep your supply 

chain in check



SQL Account Stock Module

Stock >

Helps take control of your inventory




SQL Account Sales

Sales >

More time. For Sales.




SQL Account Purchase

Purchase >

Be cost effective.




Cloud Accounting SST

SST Module



RHB Reflex Premium Plus

Connect to RHB Reflex 



Cloud Accounting eInvoice

eInvoice, ePayment, eStatement



Cloud Accounting Payroll

Integrate with Payroll



Cloud Accounting Fixed Asset

Fixed Asset Module



Cloud Accounting Auto Bank Reconciliation

Auto Bank Reconciliation



Cloud Accounting Giro

InterBank GIRO IBG



Cloud Accounting Project

Project Module



Cloud Accounting Financial Consolidate

Financial Consolidate



Cloud Accounting Ecommerce




SQL Business Intelligence Dashboard

SQL Business Intelligence Dashboard



Cloud Accounting Invoicing Apps

Salesman Mobile Apps



Cloud Accounting Sales Commission

Salesman Commission



Stock Pick Checker Program

Stock Pick Checker Program



Cloud Accounting Stock Takes Apps

Stock Take Apps



Cloud Accounting Multi Currency

Multi Currency



Cloud Accounting Production Bill Of Material

Production BOM - Bill of Material



Cloud Accounting Job Order

Production Job Order






SQL Account - accounting software for small business

Starting from the very bottom of the chain, the software also serves as a point of sale application, which allows information direct from cashiers in registered stores to go to the main accounting hub. It is also great to monitor and manage your inventory issues and even helps keep an eye on your manufacturing input and output.

SQL Account - Integration With Mobile App

The software has a real-time integration with the app on your mobile phone, so that you can access crucial financial information on the go. You can even keep copies of reports on your phones so that you never have to worry about leaving information behind at the office.

Decision Making Tools

A major advantage of SQL accounting software is primarily in its benefit for strategic decision making. The software is able to generate reports across any financial timeline with an easy printing arrangement to ensure that the upper management is able to do their analysis with ease.

Intelligently Designed

The software also provides for storage of virtually unlimited years of accounting information and its clever client-server architecture enables better system performances, a big advantage over accounting softwares that are notoriously slow and take a long time to process tasks. The architecture also gives it a cost effectiveness and easy maintenance advantage.

Customize The Software to Your Workflows and Your Business

The software is also very customizable, with new reports being created on a regular basis, easily deployed across the organization through the SQL Account Report Designer and Account Control center. The DIY module can also be used to create specialized forms that are needed for new or different workflows. It has a user friendly interface and you can save every report or for you create so that you can generate it anytime, for any accounting period, however unorthodox.

Up and Running 24x7

In a huge boost to productivity, especially in emergency situations, the software is up and running 24x7 without the need for anyone to turn anything on or off. The information is stored on the cloud and can be accessed by authorized personnel through their own personal credentials.



SQL Account - Accounting Software Customer Reference

Accounting Software Customer Reference

View More SQL Accounting Customer



SQL Account - FREE Download Demo Version

Free Accounting Software Download
Accounting Software Free Download trial to experience our accounting software.



What Accounting Software is used in Malaysia ?

Accounting software is essential for meeting the accounting standards in every country. The best accounting software in Malaysia is SQL Account. It has been used ever since offices started using computers.  

SQL Accounting Software has a lot to offer. It is the number accounting solution in Malaysia and for good reason.

Incredibly Flexible

The main reason why businesses throughout Malaysia use the software is because it offers incredible flexibility. Besides, its quick processing time allows every business to easily incorporate it. SQL Accounting Software is also SST certified. Its popularity is growing at an exponential rate. Small and medium companies in Malaysia use it for meeting all their accounting needs.

Business Analytics

The software offers business analytics which allow you to get more out of your financial data. Now, you should have no trouble making financial decisions. Its report generation helps break everything down for you.

Complete Accounting & Reporting Solution

If you are looking for a complete accounting and reporting solution, SQL Accounting Software is the perfect option. It handles every accounting process, from general entry to final reporting. You can take advantage of its free trial period to find out why it simply is the best.

Powerful Tool

SQL Accounting is a powerful tool that is designed for every type of business regardless of the industry. Its user-friendly interface allows you to get more done. Here is what you can expect.

  • Accessibility: You can access your account anytime you want from anywhere you want.
  • Financial Standing Overview: Users can check to see their financial standing with just a click of a button.
  • Email Statements: You can even email the financial statements to individual customers with a password encryption.
  • Control Access: A great feature that you can benefit from is control over access. You can restrict advance accounts.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Utilize comprehensive reporting for annual comparisons of income, top profitable customers, commission collection reports, and more.

Salient Features

SQL Accounting Software offers a ton of salient features that you can take advantage of to better manage your business as mentioned below.

  • General Ledge: Easy to track and manage company accounting records.
  • Stock: It allows you to control your inventory.
  • Customer: Keep customers in the know.
  • Sales: Track your sales in real-time.
  • Supplier: Manage your supply chain.
  • Purchase: Take control of your purchase for cost-effectiveness.

Integration with App

SQL Accounting Software comes with a smartphone app that you can use for better integration. It ensures that you have access to all your financial information when on the go. The app ensures that you have all the information you need wherever you are.

Decision Making Tools

The best thing about SQL Accounting Software is that it offers decision making tools. It generates crucial reports. Thus, the upper management will find it to be extremely useful.


SQL Accounting Software is possibly the best accounting software in Malaysia. It has a lot to offer. Hence, it is worth using, especially since it provides a free trial.



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